Second chapter! Oh yeah! Tomorrow = School and School= No Fun ): Humanities poem due on Friday ): hopefully I can get this chapter up!

Disclaimer: I don’t own this book or any songs mentioned! Sadly, I wish my sister owned them ):.

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Chapter two of SFW, you have to check out the “New Clique Story” and go to “Hollywood Superstars” to see everyone an their personalities, etc. etc. Hope ya like it :).

Disclaimer: YOU MEAN MY AUNT LISI HARRISON DIED AND I GET TO TAKE OVER HER WRITING COMPANY?!?!?! No obviously not -.- and I don’t own Twittter IF I did it would’ve been called Twit-Twit 😛

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Okay so this is my first chapter, it was hard to decide a title name. So I finally decided on Superstar From Westchester. Do you like it? Yay or nay? Lol I really loved this idea. I got it from a writer on FanFiction her name is AlphaWriter. Check it out, it has iCarly, Clique and Sisters Grimm. I’ll hit you with the link:


Disclaimer: I don’t own this ): any content in this either

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New “The Clique” Story

These are the top songs on my mind, yeah I know top three songs? But they all relate to me in some way, comment if you’d like to know, or email I don’t care, anyway I hope y’all will enjoy this preview of TC book I’ll be posting.

So anyway my favorite top three songs are…

Where Is The Love

-Black Eyed Peas

Waiting On The World To Change

-John Mayer

Jar Of Hearts

-Christina Perri

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Chapter three of TMDBC in my own words. I don’t own it sadly 😦 Anyway doesn’t mean I can’t type my own version. So anyway hope you like it.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this of course

Current State of ME!

Reading: Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Listening To: Tom and Jerry

Eating: Donut Holes and drinking water

Mood: Blank kind of hungry

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Yes long name.. the title should explain all. Hopefully y’all are reading this. Hope y’all like it, give me feedback, tomorrow I’ll do some school work–probably Math and Humanities or Science–and the next day we have people over hope you enjoy this :).

Current State of ME :)!

Reading: Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Listening To: Without You by Keith Urban

Eating: No drinking (water)

Mood: Aah Life…

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Hi! This may be more than just a chapter because my chapters are short :). Anyway I’m doing homework but this is already copied on my Word document so I’m just going paste this in hope y’all enjoy. Give feedback please! I’m tired it’s a Friday and I just got out of school. Ha-ha! I have odd thoughts about school, if you’d like to know ask again.

DISCLAIMER: I do Not Own TMDBC or Keith Urban’s songs (though I wish I did ;))

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