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New Book Idea!!!!!

Well… if you don’t know what TC scroll down and check it out, it might be TC because I just have a stronger plot for that rather than, let’s say The Mother Daughter Book Club– WHICH I AM WORKING ON SHEESH! – so yeah, I will post the outline tomorrow, hopefully you like it ad if you POSITIVELY DO NOT want another TC book please tell me what a good book I might read that I will be able to work with. You don’t know the plot, so just give me another book like TC, character wise.


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Hi! It’s me again, I’m very sorry if you wanted to read my amazing (LoL) stories, I am not discontinuing my story, but I will keep it off for a while, you will get one or two last chapters and then it will probably end, I’m have a new one, No Title… yet it might be “Why Was I Chosen?” I’m not sure yet he-he 🙂 anyway I will give at least two chapters, thanks and bye for now.


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Hi!! So you must be wondering why I didn’t post yesterday, I was in Chattanooga seeing movies and shopping :). So I will try & update today, but I’m really kind of tired… I’m watching a Canadian show, a canadian show! But I have to say it’s really cute, now I’m going draw random bunnies :).






One Bunny, one bunny ^






Two Bunnies, two bunnies ^


() ()




Three Bunnies, three bunnies 🙂 ^






Four Bunnies, four bunnies ^


()_() (X.X)



Dead Bunny, dead bunny ^


LoL “Hey can I see this?” then grabs it, don’t hate it when people do this???? LoL




It’s randomness……


I am probably going do a Canadian rant….. so stay tuned for dat!




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Hey All!

Hi All!

So this is my new WordPress and it’s all about WRITING! I will probably start my stories tomorrow, because I’m very tired right, now. My family and I went to the lake, and tomorrow they go to a party, so I’m going to start the story and charcters tomorrow, hopefully in the morning :). Anyway that’s all that I wanted to say :).

-Lil Red

Oh yes, I will add my other link to my other WordPress… as soon as I figure out how to operate everything. LoL 😛

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