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Okay, so until I find out how to underline everything, I will be putting the character’s name in Italics, and I’ll also be adding a plot, the next post is the first chapter. The only reason “Protagonist” is underlined it because I copied it off my Microsoft Word page. This is part one of the characters page, there will be more characters introduced as the story goes on. Characters ©



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Hey All!

Hi All!

So this is my new WordPress and it’s all about WRITING! I will probably start my stories tomorrow, because I’m very tired right, now. My family and I went to the lake, and tomorrow they go to a party, so I’m going to start the story and charcters tomorrow, hopefully in the morning :). Anyway that’s all that I wanted to say :).

-Lil Red

Oh yes, I will add my other link to my other WordPress… as soon as I figure out how to operate everything. LoL 😛

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