My New Book Idea!!

So I know I wasn’t supposed to update it UNTIL I had another book idea but I couldn’t resist! Wow…… today was… fun…. LoL tell me about yours, thanks love all my (non-existent) fans. Down below is a preview

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the characters of orginal TC books, but this plot is I thought it up

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New Book Idea!!!!!

Well… if you don’t know what TC scroll down and check it out, it might be TC because I just have a stronger plot for that rather than, let’s say The Mother Daughter Book Club– WHICH I AM WORKING ON SHEESH! – so yeah, I will post the outline tomorrow, hopefully you like it ad if you POSITIVELY DO NOT want another TC book please tell me what a good book I might read that I will be able to work with. You don’t know the plot, so just give me another book like TC, character wise.

Soo…. this is basically my seventh chapter, hope you like it, and I GOT A WHOLE NEW WAY TO CHANGE MY FONT OVER WordPress WITHOUT getting WordPress.org 🙂 so on with the book.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything mentioned or to be mentioned in this book like Facebook, Twitter and Taylor Swift’s songs, but I do own my OC



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There’s this person who shall not be named and they said “Visit out my website that I just finished yesterday.” I mean THIS is what spam comments is all about, and Visit out? It sounds like they couldn’t make up their mind. So anyway Kandi rocks, so does Sophie they just rub off on you.

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This chapter basically this is when Massie wasn’t here and all of Massie’s friends problem.

Spam comments: Okay so let me make this straight, your  comments if they involve “This really helped me a lot” okay let me ask you this question “What really helped you?” if they are not meaningful or with good feedback they will go into the trash. It just stinks I work hard on the posts I make and to see “It really helped me” and then you said “Check out this site: ” it occurs to me “Okay you really don’t care about my blog” “You really just skimmed it” and “You just want to get your blog name out there“. I’m not that stupid in posting spam comments just because it is a comment, keep this in mind: 5% of it is hurried comment 95% getting your blog out there. It makes me feel like I’m talking to a wall when I get spam comments.

Anyway… onto the story

Disclaimer: I think by this <- you know I do not own TC or TS’s song, though raise your hand if you wish you did.

P.S. If need be I will post a link of a picture I really want to use)

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Chappy No. 4 :). I’m hoping to get up to…. twenty? Maybe. Okay so I’m going spam my own site 😛 Please check her out:


It would mean a lot to  me, she’s really good I want her to be signed. She sings a lot of covers and writes a lot of songs, like “Never Lover Boy”, “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover” or her recent one: Unforgettable. And covers are like: Justin Bieber (Pray & Baby), Marron 5 Ft. Christina Aguileria (Moves Like Jagger). Jar of Hearts, Brighter Than The Sun etc. Don’t hate please!

Disclaimer: No I don’t own, if I did you’d see no Claire in TPC, no Claire entering the books either.

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Third chapter. Who wants to see a SWACOBB? Sonny With A Chance On Big Brother?! I wanna write it (: *SPOILER* There might not be Channy, but there will be CHAWNI! ;).

Disclaimer: I think it’s obvious why I’m writing this, because I don’t own TC

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